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About Us

Vertical Transportation Excellence (VTX®) has been operating as a specialized services division of Gannett Fleming, Inc. since 2000. VTX focuses on the design, modernization, and maintenance of elevators, escalators, and moving walks. Our experience is in new building design, modernization, preventative maintenance and maintenance management, and people mover systems, as well as integration with intelligent building design concepts.

Our collaboration with clients begins with needs assessment and concept development; migrates through design, engineering, procurement; and implementation to testing, commissioning, and operational training. Throughout the process, we evaluate current technology, systems, and integration design.

Our flexible approach to vertical transportation projects is based upon the philosophy that each project requires a detailed and integrated process customized to the owner's requirements. We are structured to monitor all phases of the project to assist in achieving our mutual goals through practical design and program management procedures. VTX can work directly with the ultimate end user – the tenant, owner, or operator – serve as a subconsultant directly to architectural, mechanical, and electrical engineering firms, or work as a member of a larger design team.

Our talented team consists of industry professionals specializing in the design, modernization, and maintenance of elevators, escalators, and moving walks. VTX's team management, which includes comprehensive planning, hands-on supervision, attention to detail, and appreciation of and compliance with project schedules and budgets, sets our team apart from the others.

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New drive and motor unit Two VTX employees installing and escalator. Elevator