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VTX office locations across the US

Baltimore, MD locationBaltimore, MD / Washington, DC / Southeast Area

Rutherford Plaza Building
Suite 300
7133 Rutherford Road
Baltimore, MD 21244-2718
Tel.: 443.348.2020
Fax: 410.298.3940
Contact: George L. Gagle, Area Manager

Phoenix, AZ locationPhoenix, AZ / Southwest Area

Suite 250
4722 North 24th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85016-4852
Tel.: 602.553.0313
Fax: 602.553.8816
Contact: Anthony J. DeFrancesco, Vice President

Philadelphia, PA locationPhiladelphia, PA

Suite 2020
1515 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1917
Tel.: 215.561.4201
Fax: 215.557.0337
Contacts: Patrick J. Welch, President
David P. Hansen, Senior Vice President

New York, NY locationNew York, NY

Two Penn Plaza
Suite 552
380 Seventh Avenue
New York City, NY 10121-0101
Tel.: 212.967.3074
Fax: 212.268.6684
Contact: Robert C. Keller, Vice President

Baltimore, MD /
Washington, DC /
Southeast Area

New York, NY

Philadelphia, PA

Phoenix, AZ /
Southwest Area