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Airports invest heavily in the maintenance and continued capital improvement of their vertical transportation systems. Elevators, escalators, and moving walkways form a critical element of airport infrastructure to transport passengers throughout the terminal facilities. Safe and efficient operations of these conveyances directly impacts traveling passengers and are essential to sustaining travel.

Few firms match our experience in designing vertical transportation systems, including traction elevators, hydraulic elevators, escalators, and moving walkways for airports, terminals, and cargo facilities. VTX® provides professional services for new building design, renovation/modernization consulting, contract maintenance analysis, construction management and contract enforcement, maintenance and safety audits, and inspection.

Vertical transportation equipment is a significant capital investment for any owner. An effective preventive maintenance program helps to protect the investments and to maximize the safe, useful life of each piece of equipment. Major overhauls and replacements are extremely costly and have a serious impact on Airport operations.

One way we have helped airport operators protect that investment is with a special tool we invented called the Parametricoder™. Mechanical performance of vertical transportation equipment provides insight into numerous aspects of the equipment conditions that have an impact on passenger service. Precisely measured parameters of speed, vibrations, accelerations, and decelerations provide excellent technical data to reflect both the mechanical systems used and the electrical systems controlling them. The Parametricoder is a tool that assists in gathering these measurements.

Baltimore/Washington International Airport
Location: Baltimore, MD
Baltimore/Washington International Airport Eight-year contract to perform maintenance inspection services for vertical transportation systems including bi-annual and annual audits to determine quality of maintenance, performance, and code compliance; final acceptance inspections on newly installed unites; recommendations for performance and safety enhancements; and upgrades related to Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.
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John F. Kennedy International AirportJohn F. Kennedy International Airport
Location: Queens, NY
Providing elevator study and custom elevator design and construction services.

LaGuardia International Airport
Location: Queens, NY
Providing vertical transportation services for the design of new elevators.

Los Angeles World AirportsLos Angeles World Airports
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Providing inspection, evaluation, and needs assessment of vertical transportation equipment owned and operated by Los Angeles World Airports at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), for the City of Los Angeles/Los Angeles World Airports under the Board of Airport Commissioners.

Newark Liberty International Airport
Location: Newark, NJ
Providing design, inspection, code compliance, and maintenance services for various elevators and escalators. Also developed a prescriptive maintenance agreement for providing rehabilitation, maintenance, and repair of vertical transportation systems.
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Philadelphia International AirportPhiladelphia International Airport
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Conducted maintenance and safety audits of newly installed moving walks and escalators.
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Phoenix Sky Harbor International AirportPhoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Providing design, needs assessments, independent audits, modernization, acceptance inspections and testing, passenger load study, code compliance, and contract close out support for vertical transportation systems.
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Dulles International AirportWashington Dulles International Airport
Location: Chantilly, VA
Provided inspections of 117 escalators located at Washington Dulles International Airport.
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Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority
Location: Allentown, PA
Providing elevator design support services for the installation of a new glass elevator during Phase II renovations of the main.
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