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From mixed-use complexes to corporate headquarters, we offer a wide variety of services to our diverse list of clients. We are designing effective, safer, and more energy-efficient vertical transportation systems to meet the needs of our environmentally concise clients.

Many of our projects focus on enhancements; with our expertise in condition assessments, renovation design, and adaptive reuse, we help our clients uphold today's standards for safety, convenience, and aesthetics while minimizing the impact on the building's operations.

Beginning with the initial planning stages, spanning through design, program, and construction management, our team of professionals offers the professional experience necessary to meet project needs.

Carr AmericaCarr America
Location: Alexandria, VA
Performed modernization assessment and provided several maintenance audits and surveys, including a vibration analysis before and after an elevator modernization.

CBS Broadcasting, Inc.CBS Broadcasting, Inc.
Location: New York, NY
Providing elevator consulting services including elevator evaluations and development of a new maintenance specification.

Collier Center - CB Richard EllisCollier Center – CB Richard Ellis
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Performed maintenance audit inspections of six outdoor escalators at the Collier Center in downtown Phoenix, Arizona on behalf of the property management company CB Richard Ellis to gauge the adequacy of maintenance performed by their existing service company prior to completion date of their maintenance contract. Also providing further assistance to the property management company for the development of their new maintenance contract.

Dauphin County General AuthorityDauphin County General Authority
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Conducted maintenance and safety audits of elevators installed. Our report focused on reliability, safety, and the feasibility of expanding to 30-stories with the existing equipment.

Foulger-Pratt Management, Inc.Foulger-Pratt Management, Inc.
Location: Fairfax, VA
Performed equipment surveys and maintenance audits for elevators and provided modernization recommendations and useful life cycle assessments.

Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.
Location: New York, NY
Provided vertical transportation consulting services on an as-needed basis for the World Trade Center.

Next Property Managment, Inc.Next Property Management, Inc.
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Provided consulting services to develop a comprehensive performance-based, preventative-maintenance program at the Avenue of the Arts parking garage. Also performed maintenance and safety audit of geared traction passenger elevators.

Oxford Valley Mall Oxford Valley Mall
Location: Langhorne, PA
Provided consulting services for a comprehensive modernization program.

Parkway CorporationParkway Corporation
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Conducted maintenance and safety audits on two overhead geared-traction elevators at the Parkway parking garage at 12th and Walnut streets, and 150 N. Broad Street. Conducted a maintenance and safety audit of three overhead geared traction elevators and two hydraulic elevators located at the Parkway parking garage at 8th.

Philip Morris USAPhilip Morris USA
Location: Richmond, VA
Performed a condition assessment and report detailing conditions with recommendations for repair and modernization at the headquarter building.

Phoenix Civic PlazaPhoenix Civic Plaza
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Performed quality and contract compliance inspections for this newly constructed facility.

Related Managmenet, Co.Related Management, Co.
Location: New York, NY
Provided vertical transportation consulting services on an as needed basis, including escalator consulting services for transit escalators at Time Warner Center.

Winn ResidentialWinn Residential
Location: New England
Provided survey, report, and modernization specifications for elevators in several locations.